22 hectares of sales space and storage space and highly motivated staff at your disposal.

Space is not a problem at the Itzehoe site. The China Logistic Center is the perfect partner to meet all your requirements. For example, if you are expecting goods from abroad and these need to be relabelled, our staff will be glad to take care of this task. Another part of our core competence is assembly packaging – combining different products to make combined promotional packages.

You are welcome to take advantage of our services when you need to prepare goods for export, too. Our motto here is: everything can be done, nothing must be done. Our services can be booked on a modular basis right up to Full Service support. If you use our electronic interview via the express contact option to tell us your requirements, we will be glad to respond to you. We look forward to getting to know you.

Growth engine CLC: with laptop, storage and logistics to success.

Online trade is booming. While startups are sprouting up across Northern Germany, established companies are also experimenting with new e-commerce solutions in order to remain competitive. The China Logistic Center can be an important business partner for these as well as for companies without their own production facilities. With 22 hectares of sales space and 7 hectares of warehousing space directly linked to motorway 23 and the nearby North Sea harbours, the infrastructure is available to smooth the way for sales structures over the Internet. Various scenarios on the sector page of the Tietje Group show how cooperation with CLC in conjunction with other Tietje Group companies may look. View the scenarios on the sector page

Import: a passport for your goods.

Anyone who wants to import goods from China and the rest of the world to Germany can ask for support from the China Logistic Center. We help our customers (if necessary) with purchasing and distribution logistics – making sure that the goods find their way to the right harbour or are put into temporary storage. We also look after the entire customs process and provide advice to customers who have not yet had experience of imports. Don’t hesitate to come to us using the express contact option on the home page.

Export: a passport for your goods.

It is easy to export goods from Germany to China or other countries if one has a strong partner at one’s side. CLC has international connections and is therefore familiar with the processes and special factors to be kept in mind when exporting goods. We take care of the customs process and are ready to help our customers with advice and action. If you let us know what you want to handle yourself, we will be glad to deal with the remaining tasks. We are happy to receive non-binding enquiries on our home page through the express contact option.

The China Logistic Center is an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) in accordance with the provisions of the World Customs Organization.

Personal memo from the company head.

Dear visitors to our website,

We have worked hard to give you a lively introduction to the possibilities that are available to you at the China Logistic Center. We hope to give you the picture of an all-rounder with service and customer focus close to our hearts. In addition, we are very closely linked to our sister company, Soltau Logistic Center, and also work across sectors with the Tietje Group trading companies CTC South Africa and China Trade Center. The latter is also based at Itzehoe. I think there is no requirement that we cannot master together in this concentrated partnership. So: don’t hesitate to challenge us.

Yours sincerely,
Holger Scheibel

Holger Scheibel